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Oldenburg, Germany

Oldenburg is a modern university city and Germany’s City of Science 2009. The city is the cultural and administrative hub of North West Germany. In spite of its modern orientation, Oldenburg is still very proud of its historical roots and buildings, delightful traditions and warm, friendly charm.
You too will be enchanted by Oldenburg’s lively old city centre with its shopper-friendly pedestrian zone and historic architectural highlights reaching back over five centuries. Visit its renowned museums and theatres, high-profile festivals and popular markets from the market fair to the Christmas market.

Picture: Hans-Dieter Janßen
© Stadt Oldenburg (Oldb)


 The Conference Venue

OFFIS – Institut für Informatik (Institute for Information Technology) is research institute located in the industrial area of Oldenburg. It is an application-oriented research and development institute and a center of excellence for selected areas of information technology and its fields of application. The institute is divided into three research divisions: Energy, Health and Transportation. It is associated with the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, which is one of the important and highly regarded educational facilities in northwestern Germany. It specializes in interdisciplinary research in sustainable development and renewable energy, with a focus on solar and wind energy.

Source: OFFIS

© Stadt Oldenburg (Oldb)

© Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg



The closest airport to Oldenburg and OFFIS is Bremen Airport. If you’re flying to Bremen, here are three options to get from the airport to Oldenburg (and vice versa):

  1. By train (approx. 9 EUR): It takes about 20 min. from the airport with the tram to the central station of Bremen (Bremen Hbf), then approx. 30 min. by train to Oldenburg. By the way, it is Oldenburg in Lower Saxony (Oldenburg in Oldb, not in Schleswig-Holstein). You can check train schedules and prebook tickets here:
    The tram station is opposite to Terminal 1/2.
  2. By airport shuttle: The easiest and most convenient way is to go by airport shuttle. They pick you up at the airport and bring you to the hotel or OFFIS as you wish and vice versa (return included). The fill-out form is available online and in English:
    Cost is about 90€ but additional people are only a few Euros extra. A normal Taxi will cost about 60-70€ or more one way!
  3. By car: Of course you can book a rental car at the Bremen airport. Some options include: RentalCars or Sixt or EuropCar

OFFIS is located about 3km from the Oldenburg central train station. You can go by taxi or by bus. By bus, take the 308 from central station to stop “Industriestraße” (Ticket information: VBN).

Finally, be aware that we have two buildings, the main building where we are located, and a second building. The main building is located on Escherweg 2, and should be easily identifiable using Google Maps.

Selected Hotels

There are many options for hotels in Oldenburg. Although online booking platforms will usually get you good prices, we have hotel contingents for the following hotels:

You can use a form for the hotel contingents.